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Virtual Reality 3D Glasses vrbox Pro Coating Glass

Virtual Reality 3D Glasses vrbox Pro Coating Glass

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Base Stations: No
Gesture Recognition: No
Display Number: None
Viewing Experience: Immersive
FOV: 110
Compatible Device: Smartphones
Sensor Type: no
Package: No
Type: Binocular
Model Number: SH-VP051D
Real-time Map Construction: No
All-in-one Virtual Reality Glasses: No
Ports: no
Bundle: Bundle 3
Wireless network Type: no
3D Glasses Type: Polarized
Camera: No
Feature 1: virtual reality glasses
Feature 2: vr box 3.0 Pro
Glasses Type: 3D Glasses

Works for all 4'-6' smartphone , max shape 163*82mm


The lenses or head belt can be adjusted ?

Yes , there are Pupil distance section adjustment and Focal length adjustment buttons , you can adjust them according to your demand , and the head belt also can be adjusted .


What's different from other vr glasses ?


Lenses :

A : Real Glass lenses , not Resin lenses ! Coating on the both side of the lenses , anti-blue light and Radiation protection ,Make the video clearer .

B : 92% Transmittance , Aspherical lenses , prevent video distortion ;

C: Supports Myopia of 600 degrees below ( if Myopia of 600 degrees below , you can watch the movie clearly without Myopia glasses  )

Phone holder part :

According to our experience some Clip part of the glasses will Stuck the power button or volume button , so we make the phone clip Slidable , you can adjust it , to avoid Stuck the button .


What's the material of the Face contact part ?

We use the high quality leather materrial ,it is soft and Comfortable , it is Absolutely more durable than other brand !


Is the remote controller necessary ?

As we know , after we put the phone into the vr box , we can not touch the phone , if we want to play/stop/vol-/vol+ , we have to use the remote controller to make it , so according to our experience , the remote controller is necessary. The Gamepad is Rechargeable , you can use micro usb cable to charge , the charge cable is not included .


The remote controller can play games ?

The remote controller can play the normal android games and a few vr games , because most of vr game will use the Gyro of your phone to play . about the ios system , it is a closed system , any gamepad can not control the ios completely , we just can play/stop/vol+/vol- on ios system